Carpool to Your Company

Reduce costs, ease mobility and sustain company goals

Carpool with Raye7


Your Savings

Fuel Costs

Save 2,376,000

EGP/ Year

Parking Fees

Save 198,000

EGP/ Year

Co2 emissions

Save 262


These numbers are based on calculating consumption of 100 employees for last year


Tailor-made solution exclusively for corporates to accomplish long term goals

Higher Productivity

The less hours in commute, the more productive hours at work

Safety & Security

Validation of employees work email to join corporate community

Social Sustainbility

Innovative solutions to improve social participation and leave a footprint behind


A smart service introducing tech-solution for employees' flexible mobility

Reduce Expenses

Split fuel cost with colleagues and gain money with every extra mile driven

Outsmart traffic

Beat traffic congestion and arrive at work even before time

Weekly Scheduling

Stress free rides with no worries about daily commute to work